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Every year over 1 million people from Japan and overseas visit companies and local governments' facilities to make new business ties, learn business model or acquire knowledge. This platform aims to help users find the facility and business partners tailored to their needs.

Industrial Tourism in Japan

Industrial Tour is a trip that company staffs or government officers take in purpose of business partners searching,advanced case study, market investigation and so on. In 2015 alone, about 1.36 million people made their industrial tour to Japan, from a total of 19.7 million visitors to the country that year.

Purpose of visit to Japan, 2015
1% | Others 0.3% | Transit 2.5% | Study abroad 5.0% | Visiting relatives, friends Internal Business, Meetings, operation 7.8% 81.4% | Sightseeing, leisure 6.9% Industrial Tour related 1.36M VISITORS Source: Japan Tourism Agency, "Foreign tourists' consumption trend survey", 2016
Features of Industrial Tourism
  • Advanced cases learning
  • Business partners searching
  • Market investigation
  • Facility visits
  • Business meetings
  • EXPO
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Training
  • Company staff
  • Government officials
  • Industrial associations
  • Self-arrangement
  • Via embassies, international organisations, agencies

The value we offer

Industrial tourism has proven a great way to foster vibrant technology ecosystems. The benefits are spread over vast areas of the economy, yielding a positive impact of private and public sectors alike.

  • Get a systematic understanding of Japanese companies information including market position, etc.
  • Find the facility and business partner tailored to their needs
  • Extend reach to a global audience
  • Grasp new business opportunities
Local Governments
  • Promote local business to the world
  • Contribute to employment creation and industry development
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Japan has a wealth of opportunities in technology, products and so on, but making sense of this complex ecosystem might be daunting without guidance. Our website leverages our expertise and privileged access to a network of world class industrial facilities, so you can start doing business in no time.


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Explore the ramifications of the industry fields with the granularity you expect.


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Learn where technologies and ecosystems concentrate, helping you plan your visit more efficiently.

Service Overview

Finding the right technology or product is just half the battle; it can be very time consuming to identify companies with the right capabilities to deliver sound business opportunities. We make the process as streamlined as possible by offering comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information on the latests companies and technologies available across Japan.

Facility overview

Understand basic information, future development about the facility.

Facility features

Understand the facility’s strong points in the Japan market.

Contents of the tour

Know in advance what to expect, so you can be prepared to take maximum advantage of your visit.

Inquiries just a click away

When you are ready to get started, getting in touch with the facility is as easy filling up a web form.

Rich media

Photo galleries, videos and geolocation help you deepen your undestanding of the profiled company.

Comprehensive information

Details can be decisive to secure a successful partnership, so we tell you in advance information such as supported languages and related technologies and products.

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Offering services in the fields of consulting, tax, financial advisory and auditing, Deloitte has over 100 years of experience and a global network spanning more than 150 countries and areas around the world. Our special relationships with industries, embassies, local governments and international organizations give us the ability to offer you unparalleled insight and access to business opportunities.