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ShannonLab is a company developing AI(Artificial Intelligence)which will play a vital role in the future.

By using AI technology and making it learn phrases based on many different situations, we created "AgentSystem" which has a high rate of speech accuracy and can communicate with people based on many different situations. This system is our core technology which is also applied to various service we offer.

Let us introduce "care agent" which is one of our original characters to you. By using care agent to communicate with AI character, it is possible to not only register your health information data to the database, but also check your safety condition, get information about your mid- or long-term health condition and check whether you have dementia or not. By installing this system on a tablet, it is easy to use it in nursing homes.



A Image of CareAgent
A Image of CareAgent 


How We Work

Our speech recognition technology's point of differentiation is to achieve accurate speech recognition under noisy environments.

We developed a noise cancellation microphone by conducting a collaborative research with Tokyo Metropolitan University. We succeeded in creating an epoch-making microphone that solved the problem of "noise interferes with speech recognition" for  general microphones.(Patent pending) Since it senses sounds only in a very limited area, it can accurately recognize voice in noisy environments . Even in noisy environments for example where people get in and out, accurate speech recognition is possible by using our microphone.

By using our microphone, we can leave reception desk of hotel and nursing home care facility to artificial intelligence, which can solve the problem of personnel shortage and contribute to reduction of personnel expenses.      

Noise cancellation microphone
Noise cancellation microphone


Contents of the Tour

1. Tour Type: Demonstration

2. Tour content:

  • Itinerary:

    • Introduction of products under development

    • Production demonstration

3. Acceptance conditions:

  • We perform production demonstration every Monday

4. Access:

  • 1 minute walk from Arai Arama station by Seibu Shinjuku line

Visit Us

We will customize our own technologies according to your needs and develop high quality services! Please use our cutting-edge technology to contribute to your service.

If you have  any following problems or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

  • I want to add interactive function to Robot/System's user interface.

  • I have a lot of data, but I can not make full use of it to the service I offer. I would like to combine dialogue / artificial intelligence with my service.

  • I want to make new business development by applying Virtual Receptionist using artificial intelligence.

  • I want a partner who can conduct joint research on mathematical analysis using data analysis and deep learning.

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Where We Are
〒165-0026 Tōkyō-to, Nakano-ku, Arai, 5 Chome−29
Facility Owner Profile
Facility Owner Name
ShannonLab Co., Ltd.
Facility Owner Entity
Private Company
〒165-0026 Tōkyō-to, Nakano-ku, Arai, 5 Chome−29
Capital Amount
Main Business
AI/Speech Recognition/Utterance Technology Development, Machine Learning Technology Development, Data Analysis/System Development/Collaborative Research
12人(2017/4/6)(Including part-time and temporary employees)
Tel: +81-42-644-0013
Fax: +81-42-644-0447
Accepted Languages
  • Japanese


IoT / ICT > Process > Analysis > AI
Service Overview

AI is an abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence which are computer programs capable to perform tasks like humans do. 

It was the meeting held at Dartmouth College in 1956 that firstly established the term artificial intelligence. After that, in the field of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning have been developed. Machine learning is a method which by inputting a large amount of data applied to models and parameters preset by humans to computer programs, the learning model, rule will be established autonomously. And then data analysis can be performed by using this learning model or rule. Deep learning is a method which by inputting a large amount of data to computer programs without humans presetting parameters, the parameters will be set automatically and cognition, identification can be realized. Deep learning is more complicated than machine learning and it is possible to demonstrate a higher level of ability than humans. Now artificial intelligence can handle various kinds of data, for example, photographs, languages, voices, and so on.

Furthermore, AI has become not just an academic research field, but a commercialized product. Recently, a wide variety of AI services/products appeared on the market.

Service Model

The basic service model is as below.

By inputting a large amount of client's data to AI engine possessed by the AI company, learning models are established and utilized for various purposes such as data analysis and pattern identification and so on.

Market Situation

According to a survey conducted by American company MarketsandMarkets in 2016, artificial intelligence is expected to grow further in the future and is considered to reach $ 5 billion in 2020 in terms of the global market size.

American companies such as Google are leading the current AI market, but the future growth of AI business in Japan is also expected to be remarkable. According to a survey conducted by Fuji Chimera Research Institute in 2016, the size of Japan AI market is forecasted to reach 1.2 trillion yen in 2020 and 2.12 trillion yen in 2030. In other words, it will be 7 times and 14 times the market size in 2015. In addition, it seems that the growth of the AI market for demand forecasting will be large in the future.

Strength & Weakness


1. Cost reduction

  • It is now possible for a computer to execute the tasks that have been done by humans so the labor costs can be reduced.

2. Increase the speed of decision making

  • By conducting complicated data analysis such as demand forecast by AI, it is possible to provide an efficient and prompt solution. It also leads to improvement in speed of decision making.

3. Higher performance

  • It is possible to demonstrate a higher level of performance than human by using deep learning.


1. It is difficult to analyze the deep learning's result

  • Since the learning model built by deep learning has a large amount of complex logics/parameters, it can be said that the cause analysis of the result provided by deep learning is extremely difficult to analyze.
Threat & Opportunity


1. Can be applied to a wide range of industries

  • Since AI can be applied to  various industries, it is predicted that many new AI services will appear on the market.


1. Intense competition

  • As the number of new entrants to the AI market will increase in the future, there is a possibility that competition will be intense.

2. The thought of Not-invented-here

  • As Japanese companies tend to build the system and analyze data by themselves rather than utilize open source, it is necessary to conduct awareness-raising activities for Japanese companies when entering the Japanese AI market.
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AI、Artificial Intelligence
A image of Artificial Intelligence
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