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Cloud based Cultivation Management
Facility Overview

About The Facility

We provide an agricultural management application which named "Agri-note".

  • Manage and analyze cultivation records data of agricultural products in the cloud.

  • Seamlessly compatible with Web browser, iOS, Android.

  • Farm field Management data can be registered by simply clicking on the Google Map.

  • Record and output the data about farm work, use of pesticides& fertilizer for each farm field.





How We Work

  • Significant improvement in farm field management efficiency

    • Even widely scattered fields can be registered easily on Google Map. You can check where your field is and what you are cultivating at a glance.

  • Significant improvement in quality of input & sharing of farm work record

    • The farm work record which registered at the farm field can be immediately confirmed by the staff in the office . It is possible to efficiently prevent errors of omission in the farm work process and give the farm work instructions.

  • Improvement of agricultural management by analysis of record results

Contents of the Tour

Please feel free to contact us if there is any request for business negotiations and workshops.

  • For those who want to use agri-notes in overseas farm fields.

  • For those who are considering about systematic cooperation with agri-note.

  • For those who are considering about business collaboration with agri-note.

Visit Us

At present," Agri-note "is only available in Japanese, but it can also be used in overseas farm fields.

We also actively collaborate with companies in other industries, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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Agricultural management application, Agri-note
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〒950-0911 Niigata-ken, Niigata-shi, Chūō-ku, Sasaguchi, 2 Chome−13−13
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Water Cell inc.
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Private Company
〒950-0911 Sasaguchi 2 - chome 13 - 11 Sasaguchi I · H Building 1st to 4th floor (reception floor at 2econd floor), Chuo-ku , Niigata City, Niigata prefecture.
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Agricultural Management Application "Agri-note", Agricultural Data Integration System ""Agri-note integration version", "Communication application with location information service "Agri-talk"
41 (2016/12)
Tel: +81-25-282-7368
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Cloud based Cultivation Management

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Service Overview

A wide variety of cloud services have appeared in a lot of industries.
In recent years even in the agricultural industry where IT system adoption has been falling behind compared to other industries, advanced cases which utilize cloud service to manage the cultivation have appeared.

As for developed country, in the Netherlands, there are about 80% of general farmers who manage cultivation such as cultivation environment control by using devices such as PCs. In Japan, IT system adoption is also becoming a trend in agriculture industry. Various cultivation cloud services have appeared in the Japan market and the agricultural industry transformation has begun. For example, there is a cultivation management application which focus on management of cultivation / production information and improvement of work efficiency. Also, there is a total process management system managing all the data from production to logistics and sales.

Service Model

1. Data input

  • Install machine such as sensors at the cultivation site and collect cultivation data such as sunlight, temperature, CO2 and so on.

  • Adopt technologies such as speech recognition, farm workers can easily record their cultivation data.

2. Save data to the cloud

  • Save the cultivation data collected by the sensors or systems to the cloud.

3. Data operation

  • Cases that the control machine has been installed on site:

    • Farm workers can check the cultivation data by devices such as a PC or a tablet. Moreover, they can control and adjust the environment data. For some advanced systems, it is also possible to provide proposals of cultivation work plans based the data collected before.
  • · Cases that farm workers record data by devices:

    • By sharing cultivation data to other farmworkers and stakeholders in the same group, it is possible for them to learn best practices of cultivation plan and make their business collaboration more efficient.
Market Situation
  • Overseas Market:

    • A survey conducted by Research and Markets suggests that the global IT agricultural market will reach $ 2 billion by 2022. In developed countries such as the United States, Germany and the UK, governments are focusing on supporting agriculture industry to adopt IT solutions such as cloud service. In developing countries such as China, the government also began to support the development in the smart agriculture field from 2015.

  • Japan market:

    • Seed Planning Inc. conducted a survey on agricultural IT adoption in Japan in 2016. According to the survey result, the market size of the agricultural cloud is expected to expand to 35 billion by 2020. Currently, in the agricultural cloud market, there are various services such as Fujitsu Akisai, an agriculture support system providing service from production to sales, and Hitachi Solutions GeoMationFarm, an information management system based on geographical data .

Strength & Weakness


  • Easy to introduce

    • It is possible to manage data simply by setting machine on cultivation sites or installing system/application. Moreover the charge is also relatively cheaper than the initial cost of the IT system in other industries.
  • Share data with others

    • It is possible to share information with people in the same group.


  • Security risk

    • There are risks of information leakage due to cyber attacks.
Threat & Opportunity


  • The Japanese government actively promotes the adoption of IT to the agricultural industry. In addition, because cloud technology is growing rapidly, cultivation management cloud market is expected to significantly expand in the future.


  • It is predicted that the market will expand in the future and new entrants will continue to increase. Therefore, there is a possibility that competition will become even more intense.

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Water Cell: Agri-note
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Cloud based Cultivation Management
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Agricultural management application, Agri-note