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"AI analyst" is a Web site analysis tool by AI (artificial intelligence).
Based on the data of Google Analytics, "AI analyst" automatically analyzes the website and proposes the plan of improving the site with easy-to-understand words. It allows you to make site improvement decisions easily by providing not only analyzes the data of the website but also the concrete improvement methods based on the data unlike the conventional access analysis tool. There are many success stories that CV rate (conversion rate) became 2 to 4 times or more by utilizing Web site analysis data correctly with following the AI analyst's suggestion.

How We Work

The main functions of the AI analyst are as follows;

1.Proposal for improving the site

  • AI analyst automatically checks the entire website and propose improvement policies of the site with a data which is the basis. It allows you make it easier to make decisions on what you should, because it explains in a clear way.

2.Clear reports

  • AI analyst show you monthly reports with the visit number, CV number and CVR of the whole site. You can grasp the actual results compared with the previous month and which media visit was most effective at a glance. It helps to look back on the month activities.

3.Survey pages 

  • When entering the URL of the page you want to check, artificial intelligence aggregates the data and tells you the issues of the page.


wacul AIアナリスト

Contents of the Tour

1.Tour Type: Business Meeting

2.Tour Contents:

  • Itinerary: Description of company / service by individual meeting with person in charge (about 1 hour)

  • Spot: Office conference room

3. Acceptance Conditions:

  • Number of the visitors: Under 6 people

  • Other: In some circumstances, we may refuse acceptance. please note that.

4. Access:

  • 6 minutes on foot from Shin-Ochanomizu Station by Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

  • 6 minutes on foot from Awaji-cho station by Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line

  • 7 minutes on foot from Ogawamachi Station by Toei Shinjuku line

5. Nearby Tourist Spots:

  • Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral

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Even if data is just made visible, we can not understand what we should do.
When we find out what the data means, we can understand what we should do, then finally we can make a decision easier.
By developing higher performance and friendly artificial intelligence services, we realize a world where even people who do not receive special training can easily make decisions based on data.

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Where We Are
3-26-8, Kanda ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan 101-0052
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Private Company
〒101-0052 2F, 3-26-8, Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
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Development and sales of analysis tools by AI
[email protected]
Tel: +81-3-5244-5535
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  • Japanese

Web Improvement

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Service Overview

Service of Web Site Improvement offers service from site analysis by utilizing the data gathered from access analysis tool to the proposal of site improvement.

Recently, in branding and promotion activity in Japan, the company web site is necessary tool, and the company have to do these activity in efficiency.

To achieving efficiency, the web site improvement service that uses access analysis tool for site analysis and proposes the improvement ideas is being promoted.

Service Model

Firstly, it analyzes the website based on the data gathered from access analysis tool.

Based on this result, the improvement ides are analyzed and evaluated the effect verification by AI. Finally, the improvement ideas are proposed for clients.

Market Situation

The comprehensive service from web site analysis to proposal improvement ideas is expanding.

Before, the main service is to implement the access analysis tool which analyze web site. Even thoug this service will be expanding because of web marketing of company is active and the importance of web site, the growth tends to be slowing effected by the free tool such as Google analytics.

On the other hand, big data analysis market which covers analysis and consulting is 228.2 billion yen in 2016, +8 points compared with previous year. (IDC Japan Co., Ltd.)

In 2021, the market size will be expected to be 341.9 billion yen. (IDC Japan Co., Ltd.)

Web improvement service is thought one of the big data analytics services which cover from data analysis to proposal of the improvement ideas, and expected the demand for company’s web site which has important role in business.

Strength & Weakness


  • Cost effective

    • Instead of people who have analyzed, the computer can do, so that it is possible to cut labor costs. And the proposal of improvement ideas can be possible, so work-hour also can cut.
  • The speed of decision making

    • AI can do complex analysis such as demand expectation, so AI can offer the solution in efficiency and speedy. That connects to speedy decision making.


  • The hurdle

    • Expected to expand the demand, the high conscious for access analysis and the operation organization is required, so these are hurdle for implementation if improvement service is implemented in company’s web site.
  • The difficult result analysis by deep learning

    • It is difficult to analyze the cause of result because the learning model constructed by deep learning has the huge and complex logic/parameter.
Threat & Opportunity


  • Possible for entering multiple markets.

    • For company’s web site and web marketing, any of companies keep eye open. In many industries, the demand is expected to expand.


  • High competitiveness

    • The expand of demand for web marketing, so many of new companies probably enter this markets. Therefore the market will be competitive.
  • Self-sufficiency in Japan

    • Japanese companies tend to construct and analyze in self, not use open source. So, when entering the AI market, it is necessary to do educational activities for Japanese companies.
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An image of web improvement service
An image of web improvement service
WACUL: AI analyst
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Web Improvement
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