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M2M technology is currently attracting the most attention in the ICT field due to the establishment and specificity of underlying technology .

At the end of 2014, the number of mobile phone contracts in Japan is 139,552,000 lines, of which the number of contracts used for M2M is 9,597,500 lines. By 2020, there will be about 11 billion mobile devices including mobile phones in Japan and about half of those are expected to become M2M devices.

There are three services provided using M2M technology .

1. Data visualization service

  • Energy data monitoring and management in the electricity,gas and water supply industry. You can use M2M technology to improve the productivity in the agriculture, horticulture, plant factory and animal husbandry industry.

2. Analysis service

  • You can use M2M technology to analyze location data, transportation management data, driving tendencies data in the transport infrastructure industry.

3. Remote control service

  • You can use M2M technology to realize the remote monitoring and management using position data and abnormality detection data in construction machines, heavy equipment, elevators, industrial measurement and factory fields.

How We Work

The main features of the M2M router are as follows.

1. Domestic design · domestic manufacture

  • Our M2M router is designed,assembled and shipment inspected at the Fukushima Plant in Japan. We provide service from inventory management to kitting process.

2.Automatic reconnection

  • Our M2M router has a function to detect disconnections from the wireless networks and other abnormalities, and then start automatic restoration.

3. Manage location data from base station

  • We identify the approximate position based on the location data sent from the 3G base station.

4. Remote control function

  • You can automatically update software, change settings, and get logs no matter where you are .

5. Using overseas

  • We have acquired certification of each country's PTCRB, FCC, CE.

6. Customize

  • It is possible to install your own application to our M2M router.

7. Failure handling

  • Since it is a service specialized for M2M, 3G line log data when the communication failure happened can be provided.※It depends on the SIM line contracts.

Contents of the Tour

1. Tour Type: Business Negotiation

2. Tour Contents:

  • Itinerary:

    •  Introduction of IDY Corporation and M2M router

  • Spot:

    • M2M manufacture factory

  • Others:

    • If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact us.


  • 5 minutes walk from east exit of Kanda station

  • 5 minutes walk from Iwamoto-cho station

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Focusing on M2M and IoT technology in the ICT field, we are developing products which conform to operational specifications and using high-quality Japan manufacturing technology to provide the communication platforms for Japan and overseas. Furthermore, We will continue to devote ourselves to the further development of ICT industry.

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シャンピア秋葉原ビル5F, 〒101-0025 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Tomiyamachō, 8−1
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IDY Corporation
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Private Company
〒101-0025 Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Sakuma-chō, 2-8-11Shampia Akihabara building 5F
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Design, manufacture and sales of IoT / M2M router, LTE/3G/WiMAX2+/PHS router, WiFi board, Android device and wireless digital signage, antenna.
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IoT / ICT > Process > System Federation > M2M
Service Overview

It means that the device and the device are connected and communicate with each other by the network.

Visualization service, analysis service, and remote control service are provided by connection and communication between these devices.

Visualization services are measuring and monitor energy such as electricity, gas and water. Also it provides the service to measure the temperature, humidity, solid moisture and CO2 concentration to improve productivity in agriculture.

In the analysis service, analysis of location information, operation information, driving tendency etc. are performed in the transportation infrastructure field.

In the remote control service, remote monitoring and control are performed based on anomaly detection and position information in construction, heavy machinery and factory fields.

an image of M2M     an image of M2M

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Service Model

It has the same structure as the current mobile phone business.The telecommunications carrier becomes the total coordinator and provides network of the equipment used by the end user. Besides that, it manufactures platforms and hardware that collect data, develops applications, etc., and is offered to end users eventually. By constructing this system and connecting machine and machine, we provide services such as remote operation service and analysis service to individuals and companies.

Market Situation

【Overseas Market】

Developed mainly in developed countries, there is a tendency that demand is shifting to emerging and developing countries.It will continue to expand worldwide in the future and is expected to grow by an average of 15.2% by 2020. In FY2013, the M2M world market is estimated at 130 billion US$ (1,545 billion yen), which is estimated to be 3,810 billion US$ (3.81 trillion yen) in FY2020. (Business, 2014)

【Japanese market】

The size of domestic M2M market in fiscal 2016 is expected to be 171 billion yen, 106% compared to the previous year. Especially energy-related fields are driving the market and occupy 4.8 million lines, which is 28.4% of the domestic M2M cumulative total of 16.9 million lines, because demand for smart meters is high. (Yano economy research, Lmd., 2016). In the past 1-2 years, the demand for remote monitoring, maintenance and maintenance in facilities, equipment and factories is expanding. Although M2M itself was used from about 2000, there was a tendency that expenses are required for initial cost and operation.However, due to the spread of the Internet, the provision of cloud services, and the reduction in the price of communication, the expansion of the M2M market has proceeded rapidly now. It is predicted that it will become a market of 200 billion yen in the next 2020. (Yano economy research, Lmd., 2016)

an image of M2M

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Strength & Weakness


  • The improvment of efficiency

    • By connecting all kinds of equipment each other, efficiency of communication and work is improved.
  • The improvment of collection and analysis data

    • It becomes easy to collect data, and analysis using more data becomes possible.
  • Using not only for individual user but also for companies

    • It is widely used because it can be used not only for the final user (individual user) but also for analysis of the company.


  • Time comsuming for Construction of initial infrastructure

    • Construction of the initial infrastructure requires time to build a system for equipment and establish a communication infrastructure.
  • Difficult to build profit model

    • Along with above, it is a concern that system construction and the cost of communication infrastructure are costly, and it is difficult to balance the profitability of M2M itself.
Threat & Opportunity


  • The demad ofenergy

    • Currently, energy related led the market, and among them it is considered that there is opportunity for inspection of smart meters such as water and electricity.
  • The demand of monitoring and maintenance

    • In future it is expected that the demand for monitoring and maintenance of large equipment and heavy machinery in factories and agricultural fields will expand.


  • Required the technical certification in each country

    • In conducting global expansion, technical certification of the country is required. While domestic and overseas demand is expanding, technical competency certification that varies from country to country is considered a barrier to entry.
  • Security

    • In security, it is thought that invasion from the outside or the like is conceivable and it becomes a concern when providing the service
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An image of M2M
An image of M2M
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