Frequently Asked Questions

About the site

How does Deloitte Industrial Tour website work?

Deloitte Industrial Tour website is a platform which connects the advanced Japanese facilities with the world. Users interested in specific technologies, products or services can navigate into the website, find the facility and directly contact them through the inquiry form. User can contact the facility to arrange a visit or simply ask information about it. Partnerships, business agreement and know-how transfer often take off after visited a facility.

What information is provided?

We select the most advanced operating facilities (plant, factory, infrastructure...) in Japan which are excelling in specific technologies, products or services. Each technologies developed by facilities contains valuable information such as "readiness level" and "stage situation". Contents is periodically updated to provide the latest information about facilities and their characteristics.

Who created the contents analysis section?

This section is provided by Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Exponential experts to serve helpful information on the subjects discussed. This section content describes generic information related to a technology, product, system or service developed or in use at the facility mentioned at the top. The same description may apply to several facilities.

Which languages are provided?

The website provides information in both English and Japanese language at the moment. However, each facilities can offer industrial tours and visits on different languages.

Who manages this site?

Deloitte Industrial Tour Website is owned by Deloitte Tohmatsu consulting, LLC. We are professional consulting firm, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us.


Who gathers and defines information in the Deloitte Analysis section?

We have a professional team. They have exclusive knowledge and a huge global network.

I have a cutting-edge technology/product, but I couldn't find it in your web site. How can i add those technologies to your database?

You can contact us by using inquiry page form Top page. When we receive your inquiry, our professional team will research it and upload that technologies as needed.


How do I search for a facility?

There are three ways to search. Word searching and category drilling down searching based on technology value chain. Details are as below.

  1. For word searching, you can find search box in top bar of any page or top-page. Just enter any keywords like specific technology name, area you want to visit or company name you are interested in.
  2. For category drill down searching, you can find the category you are interested in following classification level form in top-page.
  3. For map searching, if the place to visit has already been decided, you can use this function to find out other facilities options which are near the place you visit.

I'm planning to visit some facilities. How can I contact them?

You can contact facility owners directly. It's able for you to make appointment speedy and simply. Details are as below.

  1. First, you should go to Facility detail page and please click "Inquiry" button below facility information.
  2. Second,you should input information following the format
  3. Third, after confirm your information, click "send" button.
Facility owners will receive your inquiries and reply directly by Email or Telephone. You can arrange visiting plan then.


Who can view information which I input in inquiry form?

About inquiries to facilities:

The information sent through the inquiry form are sent to the selected facility which will directly reply back to the sender. The inquiry is also shared with Deloitte Industrial Tour team.

About inquiries through the "Contact Us" page or "Submit Facility" page:

The inquiry is sent to Deloitte Industrial Tour team.

For more information about privacy click here.

Submitting a facility

Can I upload my facility information to this website?

Yes, you can submit your facilities information through the Submit Facility page. Our team will consider your request and get in contact with you soon.

Who is the target of this website?

Business entrepreneurs, embassies, NPO organisations, researchers, startups, governmental organisations and anyone who has an interest in visiting Japanese facilities are all the targets of the website.