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  1. technology
    At the Futagawa Dam upstream of the Arida River, about 0.7 tons of water is constantly being carried out every second to maintain the environment in the downstream area.Aridagawa Town built a town-…
    Infrastructure | Dam Type Reaction Water Turbine
  2. local specialty
    Mikimoto Pearl Island is the home of the cultured pearl.  Here, on this island in 1893, pearls were cultured successfully for the first time in history using a method developed by Kokichi…
    Showroom | Cultured Pearl
  3. technology
    It is a binary power generation using hot spring heat.At the Obama hot spring in Obama-machi, Unzen city, Nagasaki prefecture where this power plant is located, Obama Hot Spring Energy corporation…
    Infrastructure | Binary Type Geothermal Power Generation
  4. local specialty
    In the ocean cabin Hachiman kamabo, while listening to the talk of the sea ladies who take the seafood in the ocean cabin near the fishing ground, enjoy the seafood by homemade charcoal-grilled.…
    Showroom | Ama Culture
  5. technology
    Mitsubishi Kakoki Co., Fukuoka city, National University Corporation Kyushu University, Toyota Tsusho Corporation jointly carry out the demonstration project of the system to produce hydrogen from…
    Infrastructure | Sewage Biogas Hydrogen Generation
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