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  1. service
    HIKARI Lab provides two unprecedented and easy-to-use psychological care services which are SPARX and Kokoro works. By offering these services, we aim at solving and easing psychological problems…
    Office | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  2. technology
    Receiving funds from major venture capitalists such as Nissay Capital and subsidies from NEDO, Our company develops DFree which is a toilet timing predicting device to help people from all over the…
    Office | Bladder/Colon
  3. service
    ShannonLab is a company developing AI(Artificial Intelligence)which will play a vital role in the future. By using AI technology and making it learn phrases based on many different situations, we…
    Office | AI
  4. service
    "AI analyst" is a Web site analysis tool by AI (artificial intelligence). Based on the data of Google Analytics, "AI analyst" automatically analyzes the website and proposes the plan of…
    Office | Web Improvement
  5. service
    M2M technology is currently attracting the most attention in the ICT field due to the establishment and specificity of underlying technology . At the end of 2014, the number of mobile phone…
    Office | M2M
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